iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7: What’s the Future?

If you have an iPhone 6 right now, you probably want to make a switch. Whether you have purchased it two years ago right at the time it was released in the market or later on, the gadget world actually moved on. However, how can we be sure that iPhone 7 is a good enough upgrade to make this worthwhile or are you better off waiting for the succeeding year or changing to Android?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7 – Tell the Difference

It cannot be denied that many users just want to have something that is shiny and new. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, iPhone 7 does not look too different to iPhone 6. For the iPhone 7, Apple has decided to ditch the ugly antenna lines on the rear, but since you have had your phone for several months, this might not be a problem to you anymore.

The new thing has something to do with the colors that include the limited-availability piano black and the fetching “black” option. The latter has replaced the Space Grey choice and it might not be appreciated by everyone. Truly, iPhone features do change for the better in every new model to be launched by Apple. These features may be the same as the iPad features. Moreover, the iPhone application development services are also taken into account.

Also, there are quite a few changes in the style and display between iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 7. Users are given the chance to switch to a much more lovable and stylish design they want for a phone. So far, iPhone 7 is running on the same iOS 10 operating system as iPhone 6. But, everyone is waiting for any news about upgrading the OS to iOS 11. And, hopefully, iPhone 7 can taste that.

There’s a slight split with iOS 10 and that can be seen in terms of 3D touch. Apple used touch-sensitive technology that it introduced with iPhone 6s much better in the newest mobile operating system. iOS 10 has been found to be more helpful and advantageous the moment it has been added in iPhone 7 compared to how it works on iPhone 6.

For instance, you could preview emails and the messages on the lock screen simply through pressing firmly the notification. You may also jump to the additional options through pressing hard on the app & on the control center icons. Switching to iPhone 6 after you used iPhone 7 may be a bit strange, as if something is missing.

When you take more photos, iPhone 7 would be a great upgrade with its 12 megapixel camera and six-element lens built. You can also locate optical image stabilization and the bigger f/1.8 aperture lens. All of these mean that photos that are taken with iPhone 7 are sharper, brighter, steadier and much more colorful. It is a significantly better and improved performer in the low light, as well, even before you consider the enhanced True Tone flash system that uses double the quantity of bulbs that an iPhone 6 camera has.

These are just some of the features you can expect to see in iPhone 7. There are more things that we can expect from the iPhone 7 and the future.

Game Apps vs Healthcare Apps

Medical technology’s future is right here with apps and games that offer a wide variety of advantages and functions.. Since the advent of mobile apps, people’s lives and work, the way they communicate and play have all changed significantly. Through mobile apps, healthcare is delivered much better and is more efficient than it was ever before.

Out of 10 Americans, it is found that almost 8 are more than willing to pay a hundred dollars for a medical healthcare app that is capable of monitoring vital signs and/or that allows them to access their medical data. The wireless medical data technology has many benefits for patients, families and for medical providers a well.

Mobile Healthcare App Advantages

Mobile healthcare apps create advantages in the healthcare industry. With digital and mobile technologies increasing, these apps can provide new ways for stories to be told, which can impact the world in a better way. One example is the hundreds of medical applications developed for Android and iOS devices.

Most medical apps are about diet or fitness but there are several that are designed for specific purposes, in ways that ensure to make huge differences in the lives of millions all over the world. Over the years, mobile healthcare apps have improved with more accurate readings and other useful functions. Such apps don’t just provide information but also tell the patient’s health story.

Why Healthcare Game Apps

Besides medical apps for healthcare, there are also healthcare game apps that are found to be even more beneficial. Gamification in healthcare is not only about playing games or gaining popularity for the mobile healthcare app provider, but is about creating a way for the patient to also be engaged.

Gamification in healthcare has several technology startups and pilot projects with some developers who play around to build a great healthcare game. The approach in the industry is not clear yet but it is clear that in the next few years there will be significant growth in healthcare games apps which will lead to sustainable modifications in patient behaviors as well as better health outcomes.

Several studies were also conducted to determine the benefits that certain healthcare game apps provide. For instance, a study conducted by the American College of Rehabilitation Meeting in 2015, shows that playing a game provides an effective treatment of the post-concussion syndrome. It was found that playing a game reduced the symptoms of this syndrome.

There is also the fact that people are naturally competitive. We all like to compare ourselves with others which can help as a way of motivation. In the form of games, competitive individuals will feel more compelled to take care of their health and follow the instructions in the game apps through the game’s competitive aspects.

Compared to ordinary apps, gaming apps have a huge advantage in that they are more entertaining and engaging. While ordinary mobile medical apps help in increasing the efficiency of healthcare delivery, games are more engaging, and the patients take in information much better.

What matters most in mobile app development?

Over the last few years of working with clients and meeting prospects for mobile app development in Orange County, CA, we kept hearing the same things over and over again:

  • Where do we start?
  • How much does it cost?

So here you go:

Let’s go thru cliche talk first: The best place to start a mobile app development project is always at the users’ doorstep. Meet each prospective user, converse with them, understand their needs, and discuss the solutions.

Of course no-one has time to do this and of course your idea is the best. So start with a simple and thoroughly written definition of the problem and proposed solution. Draw up a simple wireframe like below. There is no need for a tool.

Mobile App Development Wireframe

Ok, for costs, read our other post on mobile app development costs. It never costs as much as you fear, if you are able to define your requirements properly. Do remember that mobile app development costs consists of iPhone app development, Android app development and any backend portal development costs. We have seen requests with the same verbal one-liner – “oh…I need a video site like YouTube.” That confuses us and the quote annoys you.

Try the above and then ask a development company for advise (or a quote.) You will be happy you did your homework.

For more information reach out to our President Ram Iyer ([email protected]) Or our Operations Director Rick Johnston ([email protected].)

Telemedicine Mobile App for Urgent Care needs

Telemedicine mobile app allows modern, convenient, and cost effective way to access premium medical care through your mobile phone or tablet: 24/7.

The goal is to keep your patients out of the Emergency Departments and Urgent Care clinics if they don’t have an “Emergency Condition”.

Telemedicine mobile app provides your patients instant access and easy credit card pricing.  It gives access via telemedicine, to board certified physicians and licensed providers offering a variety of medical services for patients in need of medical assistance.  The App provides doctors, urgent care and healthcare providers features found in any modern HIPAA compliant mobile app platform.

If you are considering having a mobile app for your telemedicine initiative, begin by choosing the right mobile app development company. It will become very important to ensure they understand mobile healthcare and HIPAA compliance requirements.

How It Works (for the patient)

By using the App a patient can input their medical history, their urgent problem then interact directly and confidentially with the medical provider via stehovoice, chat, pictures or video.  The provider in turn offers a diagnosis and may order prescriptions, lab tests, and imaging studies as needed.
Secure mobile payments are facilitated via Credit Card.  The patient sees the statement immediately at the conclusion of their virtual visit.     It’s that painless!   




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$6 Trillion Mobile App Economy Expected By 2021 – Are You Ready To Cash-In?

If you believe mobile pundits, Mobile App Economy is expected to grow to $6 TReady to make money from mobile app economy?rillion (with a ‘T’) by 2021. Year 2021 is not too far and before you know it, we will be in 2021.

Behind all stats telling us which parts of the world is going to grow and who spends the most on an hourly basis, etc. is the real question “Are you ready to cash-in?

To make money from mobile app is fairly simple – create a great (and viral) mobile app, publish it on iTunes and Google Play stores, watch downloads go up, your app rise to the top of both stores and count your dollars. Easier said than done.

It is usually extremely difficult to make money in mobile app economy. Most people fail, lose quite a bit and then blame everything under the sun for their failure including themselves. Even moderately promoted apps fail because even if users download the app, they do not engage. Big and small companies suffer alike when it comes to mobile app downloads and subsequent usage.

To be ready to benefit from mobile app economy’s growth, one needs to get started NOW. Here are the steps…

  1. Identify a niche that should focus on either
    1. Users will engage your app for 2 hours or more every day.
    2. An app users will spend an average of $5 per month.
  2. Identify where your users hang out. Seek them out and get in their face:
    1. Instagram
    2. Pinterst
    3. Facebook
    4. Book clubs, Archery club
  3. Hire a great mobile app development company that can:
    1. Design a greatly designed mobile app
    2. Release both iOS and Android app (iOS Development and Android Development Company)
    3. Build any backend admin portal to manage your business
    4. Submit and manage on-going maintenance
  4. Do your part in promotion.
    1. Start even before the app is built
    2. Rinse and repeat

The key is to find a great partner who can bring your idea to reality without bothering you every step of the way. Lastly, persevere and you will be victorious. $6 Trillion dollars is huge for a lot of people to be successful.

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